Before I get into this theory I’d like to start with this: I lost three more pounds! Yay! I may have lost more than that….I don’t know. I read an article that said when you start a new workout routine and activity level that your body retains extra water until your body adjusts. I continue to see differences in my body (tummy is slimming down and firming up, my arms are firming up, the tone in my legs has changed, my bust is starting to go back to pre-pregnancy/pre-breastfeeding size, etc) and increased energy (which is always a plus when you have a 15 month old.

Bob White’s Paper Towel Theory goes something like this: Imagine two full brand new paper towel rolls. Set on roll aside and tear a sheet from the other roll and set it next to the other. Do you think you’d really notice a difference in the bulk between the paper towels with one layer of towel missing from one of the rolls? Most likely, no. As you remove each sheet and compare the rolls, you might find that it takes a good deal of sheets to finally to notice a difference between the two rolls. Regardless, one of the rolls is slowly but surely slimming down. This is how we lose weight. You may go to the gym for weeks and not notice a significant difference in your problem areas but if you looked at your entire body, you are losing weight overall. So I just lost 3 more pounds and maybe other people don’t notice it because I lost that weight in sheets over my whole body like a paper towel loses its bulk in a full sheet. Now imagine the paper towels again. As the smaller paper towel roll has sheets removed, you may start to notice a tremendous difference in its bulk over all with each single towel. In the beginning of sheet removal one towel didn’t make a big difference. The reason for this is because there was so much underlying bulk. But towards the end of the roll, each sheet wraps around the roll more than the last and therefore as each sheet is removed you notice more of a difference. So when you are working out and you get closer and closer to your goal, each few pounds of weight loss will show a more noticeable difference.

The reason I wanted to share this theory is because it is really inspiring. Also, it taught me to be careful to not judge people who say they are losing weight but I don’t notice a difference. For example, there is this chick I know and she posted her before and after picture wearing the same outfit. I seriously could not see a change but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t change there. I did believe that she lost weight, I just couldn’t tell the difference between the two pictures. I am sure as she continues to make healthy choices that there will be a day where there will be a significantly noticeable difference.

Now I leave you with a quote I like: “It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice, and 12 weeks for the world to notice.”  I hope that all of my hard work will give me the difference I want in the weeks to follow.